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Tools, Support & Guidance To Help You Master Your At Home

IFS Practice.

Out Of The IFS Therapy Room And Into Your Everyday Life, Bring Your Parts The Consistent Connection They Need, Everyday. 

Affordable, Therapeutic, Beautifully Designed Internal Family Systems Tools To Help You Master Your At Home IFS Practice & Self-Led Life.


No More Doing It All Alone At Home,

We've Got You .....

Comprehensive Support: 🤝 We're committed to supporting your IFS therapy journey inside and outside the therapy room, providing you with resources and guidance every step of the way.


Cultivating Self-Leadership: ☀️ Our mission is to help you master your self-leadership and equip you with the skills to navigate your inner world independently too! Empowering you in your healing process.


Enhanced IFS Experience: 🌱 Experience the full potential of IFS at home practices with our beautifully designed resources, meticulously crafted to maximize your connection, healing, growth, and flourishing. Dive deep into your inner system independently, every day.


Accessibility: 🕒 Our affordable tools are available anytime you need them, ensuring that you have the support you require whenever you need it most.


Expertise You Can Trust: 🎓 Created by Masters Qualified, Certified IFS Therapist & IFSI Consultant, Rebecca Paul, our resources are backed by years of experience and expertise in the field of Internal Family Systems therapy.

Empowering you to lead a truly authentic, Self-led life ✨

Introducing Your Tools To Help You

Master Your At Home IFS Practice.

Internal Family Systems Therapy Companion
Internal Family Systems Therapy Planner & Workbook


This is me Bec Paul, the face behind All Parts Collective, which was brought into being by every single person who asked for help with their IFS home practice. Fuelling my inspiration and commitment to making IFS practices affordable & available outside of a therapy room, everyday.

The IFS Credentials Ticks

Level 2 Certified IFS Therapist

IFSI Approved Clinical Consultant

PACFA & ACA Supervisor 

Sun & Snow Chaser

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