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Internal Family Systems Planners & Workbooks

for your everyday Innerwork.

Australia Orders Available for delivery now.
Overseas orders will be landing at our efullfillment centre Oct 2023. Preorder now for delivery early Oct 2023
Internal Family Systems Therapy Planner & Workbook
Internal Family Systems Therapy Companion
Internal Family Systems Therapy Planner & Workbook

Rebecca Paul

Level 2 Certified IFS Therapist & Supervisor PACFA & ACA)

I am a level 2 Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist, have a Masters in Counselling, and have been a counsellor for over 15 years. I can't even begin to tell you how much my creative parts have loved bringing this vision to life.

All Parts Collective was brought into being by every person who asked what they could do between IFS therapy sessions to keep their internal work going, envisioning a more Self led life. Each one of you has breathed life into these products. Combined with my dream to provide beautiful and carefully designed, therapeutically beneficial tools, the IFS Planners and Companions were born. Developed to support you and your internal process, I hope you can feel the support, thought, care and open heartedness in every page and enjoy spending time here.  I hope your IFS Planner or Companion will help you get to know your system better everyday, welcome all of your parts and live an ever expanding self-led life.

With so much care,

Rebecca Paul

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