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Internal Family Systems Therapy, Rebecca Paul, Certified Level 2 Internal Family Systems Therapist

Out of the IFS Therapy Room & Into Your Everyday Life.
Supports for your at home IFS Practice - for clients, therapists, & IFS curious people -
we've got you covered!

Hey there! Welcome to All Parts Collective, where we're all about supporting your IFS journey towards healing and Self Leadership. With over 20 years of experience as a therapist, specializing in Internal Family Systems (IFS), I've found that one question keeps popping up: "What work can I do between sessions?"


It's a question close to my heart because I firmly believe that the work you do outside of therapy sessions is just as vital as the work we do together. Therapy, especially IFS Therapy, isn't about creating dependency; it's about fostering self-leadership and equipping you with the skills to navigate your inner world independently too!


As an IFS Therapist, I see my role as helping you develop that, and I am extremely passionate about supporting your practice at home. My passion to support your self-leadership through at-home practice is exactly how All Parts Collective came to life.


It all started with me creating homework practices, reflective questions, and resource lists for my clients. But as I saw the impact these tools had, I knew I had to share them with more people. That's how All Parts Collective started.


I began by making these tools more visually appealing and accessible, providing them to more clients and therapists alike. As the demand grew, I became inspired to create something even more comprehensive – something beautifully designed, capable of guiding you through daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins with your system and parts, and equipped with IFS exercises and tools for deeper at-home IFS practice to enhance your self-leadership skills.


At All Parts Collective, we're here to empower you to take charge of your IFS therapeutic journey, both inside and outside the therapy room. You'll feel supported by the expertise of an Masters qualified, IFS Certified Therapist & IFSI Approved Consultant on every page, cheering you on for an ever-expanding Self-Led Life.


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