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Set out in four easy-to-use sections:

Section One: IFS term refresher

Section Two: Daily check-in (with weekly and monthly reflections)

Section Three: Diving In area with prompted IFS exercises.

Section Four: IFS/IFS'ish Resources


Planner specifics: 

  • Non dated so you can pick it up and start using it anytime
  • 19cms x 25cms Colour Planner with laminated covers
  • 3 month planner, day to a page with weekly and monthly reviews
  • IFS exercises to help you connect with your parts & system
  • 100 blank 'Diving In' pages for you to record your IFS exercises, keep track of your progress and reflect back over your work and progress over time.
  • Also includes our most loved IFS/IFSish resources to share with you too.

My Daily IFS Planner & Workbook

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  • 🌟When you want support & expertise for your at home IFS practice & Self Leadership development, we've got just the tool you've been searching for: ⁠The IFS Daily Planner & Workbook! 📘


    🌟Imagine waking up each morning and having expert support at your fingertips to check in with and work with your inner system at home, anytime you want to.


    1️⃣ Daily Check-In – Meaning you start your day with a heartfelt check-in with your parts and Self-energy, getting in touch with what's happening in your Inner world and in your life today, fostering a deeper sense of self-awareness and emotional connection. 🌞📖⁠


    2️⃣ Diving In Area – Explore three levels of Guided IFS exercises designed to facilitate your deeper Self-work, providing ample space to record your personal insights and progress, so you feel empowered to delve into your Inner world with confidence and clarity. 💪🧘‍♀️⁠


    3️⃣ Resources – Helping you to access a carefully curated list of my favorite IFS and IFS'ish materials, including books, podcasts, meditations, and more, expanding your knowledge and enhancing your practice with valuable resources at your fingertips. 📚🎧⁠


    4️⃣ IFS Term Refresher – Meaning you can demystify IFS terms with everyday language explanations, just as you would experience in a therapy room, eliminating confusion and ensuring clarity in your understanding of key concepts, empowering you to navigate your inner journey with ease. 🗣️📝⁠


    5️⃣ Lovingly Created by Certified IFS Therapist & IFSI Clinical Consultant, Rebecca Paul – So you can trust in the expertise and experience behind every aspect of the planner and workbook, knowing that it's been carefully crafted by a certified professional dedicated to your growth and well-being. 🌼 ⁠

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    Australia wide $15 & USA $17

    Other countries please enquire for shipping rate

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