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Set out in three easy-to-use sections:

Section One: Therapy Summary (reflective questions)

Section Two: IFS Term Refresher

Section Three: IFS/IFS'ish Resources


Companion Specifics

  • A 19cms X 25cms Colour Companion with laminated covers.
  •  Includes Reflective questions and space for notes for 20 IFS Therapy sessions.
  •  Includes IFS Term Refresher & Our most loved IFS/IFSish resources.


MY IFS Therapy Companion

SKU: 02
  • When you want to record, remember, integrate, and treasure all the work and gifts from your IFS Therapy Sessions all in one place, we have just the thing for you: 'My IFS Therapy Companion'! 📘✨⁠


    Imagine being guided to document all the information from your IFS Therapy session with carefully curated questions by a Certified IFS Therapist & Consultant. Enabling you to be able to instantly reflect on sessions, remember what parts need work, and look back over the year to see how much growth & healing has occurred.


    My IFS Therapy Companion features:


    Guided Reflection – Meaning you're provided with a roadmap of reflective questions carefully crafted by a Certified IFS Therapist & IFSI Approved Clinical Consultant, Rebecca Paul. These questions empower you to capture and record all the essential elements from your IFS therapy session helping you make sense of your experiences and fostering a deeper connection with your Inner System.


    Comprehensive Recording – So you can capture every intricate detail of your IFS therapy journey. IFS therapy sessions can contain a multitude of parts, memories, burdens, unburdenings, restored qualities, learnings, retrievals, healings, and wise words. It's incredibly helpful to take just a few minutes after your session to jot down these insights while the connection and clarity are fresh.


    Beautiful Design – Helping you to keep all your reflections organized and easily accessible. With space for reflections from 20 therapy sessions and even room to draw, this beautifully designed companion becomes a valuable keepsake, allowing you to reflect back on your journey whenever needed.

  • Packed and Shipped the day you order.

    Flat rate shipping:

    Australia wide $15 & USA $17

    Other countries please enquire for shipping rate

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